Coperative Bank Services

   MICRO ATM Aceware is the leading service provider of micro atm services and solutions.Micro ATM devices accept all bank cards and biometrics secure transactions for cash withdrawal.Our vision is to build an extensive public banking infrastructure that not only provides quality banking services but also is available to ordinary citizens in urban and rural India.Bank will assign a correspondent who will sign up customers in remote areas after verifying their identity by Fingerprint or Aadhar no (fingerprint can be used as an authentication tool for rural people). The fingerprint and personal details may also be linked to the Aadhaar Card, which will then serve as the ID proof required to withdraw money.
Features of micro atm

  •     Easy to Use
  •     Fast and secure
  •     Portable, compact, wireless terminals machine
  •     Mini Statement
  •     Cash Withdrawal
  •     Customized reporting
  •     Balance Check/Enquiry

  •    MOBILE BANKING SOLUTION For Banks using our software, we are providing a free app(in play store)to the customers in their respective bank name Members of the cooperative bank can link their account with the app and the banks can earn a commission for each of the service used by the members
    Benefits of using the app

  •     24*7 MOBILE RECHARGE
  •     MONEY TRANSFER ( NEFT - 24*7 )
  •     BUS TICKET
  •     TOURISM
  •     E-Commerce (Home Delivery)
  •     Cash bank offers

  •    QR CODE A PURCHASING CARD DESIGNED IN THE FORMAT OF ATM CARD WITH QR code. Any cooperative bank can provide this card to their account holders in their respective bank name. Using this QR CODE- ATM CARDS customer can easily transfer money to another account via a merchant app
    Benefits -

  •     Helps the cooperative bank to be self-sufficient.
  •     Aceware gives a platform for cooperative bank to become sufficient enough to compete with the national and private bank
  •     Ensure that digitalization reaches even the rural area.
  •     Increases the earning of the corporative bank and additional source of income to all the business collaborated with the corporative bank
  •     As all business is linked to a single bank so there will be maximum benefits for each transaction

  •    FOREX CARDS A forex card will be your best companion if you travel abroad. A forex card is the safest way of carrying foreign currency for paying for expenses when you are traveling abroad. A card that offers convenient, hassle-free payments to make foreign travel a memorable experience. In forex these amounts are preloaded and can be loaded across multiple currencies, enabling one to withdraw/make payments in the local currency when traveling abroad.

       SOCIETY SOFTWARE-offers you a hassle-free platform to transform your society, making it highly functional and easily manageable. It is one of the best social management system app that allows you to manage your society residents, visitors, staff, vendors, assets, Leasing, maintenance, documents, income, billing, taxation, and other operations in a single platform.

       JANASEVANAKENDRA CSC JANASEVANAKENDRA CSC act as a single platform for all the complex services like public services, social welfare schemes, health-care schemes, financial schemes, education, and agriculture services. It simplifies the procedure for the common man in the rural and remote areas of the country. The main aim of these services is to develop and digitalize the rural part of India

       WLA ATM We are an exclusive partner of HITACHI White Label ATM authorized by the Reserve Bank of India. Realizing the difficulty of finding an ATM counter and the rising demand for cash, we are increasing our WLA ATM locations and services across Kerala Deployment of our WLA ATM's will help in: Increasing the spread of ATM's across the rural and urban parts of Kerala Delivering a wide variety of banking services to customers across the banking industry.
    Expanding the scope of banking anytime and anywhere.

  •     Cash withdrawal facilities for all bank debit card holders
  •     Pin change facilities
  •     Balance enquiry
  •     Mini Statement
  •     Perform card-card money transfers across banks
  •     Cheque book request
  •     Statement request

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